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Wolfenstein on an acid trip.


So, I downloaded this game. I was expecting some quickly put together game, I was wrong. The way you've done this is great. I like the way the graphics are, I like the gun mechanics too. What I had a little trouble with was the enemys with guns. No matter where I went, I could never seem to dodge them. Maybe you cant or I'm not supposed to?

Otherewise, amazing game and I hope you keep developing it into something more!

Thanks so much :) Your compliments mean a lot to me, I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

All feedback is great, I'm trying to improve the game at the moment so the next update covers a lot of the problems people have been having. The AI is rather simple so I understand how it'd be hard to dodge them, I'll try and work on that so in the future the AI seems a bit more smart and fun to play against.

Thanks again, all the best.

- Anthony.


Cool game had a ton of fun playing it ! 

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Thank you for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

The feedback you gave in the video will be very helpful for me to improve certain aspects of the game too :)

- Anthony.


im from poland...... please delete this svasticka (sry language) from this page , but game is good.

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Hi, I apologise if the Swastika offends you, but I won't be removing the Swastika due to the fact it's a WW2 game set in a Nazi base and it's part of the setting.

I appreciate your compliments of the game though, and again, sorry if the Swastika offends you.

- Anthony

How do you get out of the inventory screen. Ive hit every button and nothing

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Escape - I'll add some more ways of exiting the menu soon so it feels more intuitive.

Thanks for the feedback!

- Anthony